Ian-Scott Paterson


God help me, I’ve always loved advertising. I remember growing up in Southern California watching low-budget TV spots for local businesses. They were amateur, wonderfully cheesy and usually written by the business owners themselves. Most often, they featured a slightly damp-looking middle-aged man in a pale blue suit staring uncomfortably into the camera. And they went like this… “Hi, my name is Ted from Ted’s Discount Mattress Emporium. Folks, we’ve got the lowest prices in town. Single, double, king-size and foo-tahns – no matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got it right here. So come on down and find an affordable quality mattress you can re-lie on.” A quick jingle to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it” rounded out the spot. If you’re happy with your mattress – it was Ted. More choice and lo-wer prices for your bed. I was hooked. I wanted to be a part of this world.

This is

I would classify myself as the chicken nugget of advertising: reliable, solid, perhaps no mind-blowing surprises but with a wide appeal. Sure, I’d prefer other descriptions like pioneer, lion or game-changer, but my career has always had a certain nuggetness to it. And that’s ok, after all, under the right circumstances even the humble nugget can be something truly special.

Where I’ve Been
Copywriter Scholz & Friends (4 years)
Copywriter Shaken not Stirred (3 years)
Senior copywriter FCB (5 years)
CD Text Publicis Pixelpark (5 years)
Freelance since 2015

What I Studied
Sadly, history

What I Speak
Standard North American English with the ability to write British English if desired.
Fluent German (but writing in German is another, less impressive story).

What I Do
Pet food – sadly, I have never written for pet food. With the exception of that, I have done and offer a lot, from classic and digital to corporate and B2B.

When it comes to print, I’ve gone from silly to straightforward – from discount to luxury. And I love doing them all.

Classic, corporate, internal or informative – I approach every film briefing with the unleashed enthusiasm of a Golden Retriever.*
*Minus the drooling

From landing pages to carrousel texts, I’ll be there, laptop in hand and ideas in head.

Claims, Names & Mottos
Love them – just love them. Seriously, could do them all day.

Voice Over
I also possess a melodic, convincing, deeply affordable off-voice for any occasion. I can’t do a Mid-Atlantic but my North American is quite ok.

Corporate Communication
There’s nothing more rewarding than helping a corporation find its voice – or simply helping it be heard.

Yes, I do translate from German to English. And I bring a certain benefit to the table in that I come from advertising and translate like a copywriter. On the other hand, I can only do standard stuff. When it gets too technical, medical or legal, there’s badly translated trouble ahead.


Some Clients

Health: Dräger Medial, Siemens Healthineers

Luxury: Swarovski, Steinway & Sons, DAVIDOFF, JIL SANDER, Desvall Stockholm

Automotive: Audi, NISSAN, Chrysler, Jeep, Bugatti,

Communications: Telio, Deutsche Telekom, IONOS

Mobility: COBI Connected Biking, CIP Mobility, Float, HERE, Europcar, VOITH

Beauty: NIVEA Haircare, NIVEA For Men, Schwarzkopf Professional, Professional Sebastian, Acqua di Parma

Finance / Commerce: UBS, Visa, Allianz, Global Investors

Government: Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage

Technology / Chemical: Merck, ATOTECH, Philips

Household / Food: BRITTA, Lindt & Sprüngli

Industry / Machinery: BAADER

Energy: Siemens Gamesa

Logistics: Deutsche Post DHL

Optic / Photo: SEIKO, Hoya Vision, ZEISS, LEICA

Travel: A-ROSA River Cruises, Lufthansa


Social: Parship

Agencies: Bamboo Consulting, BLOOD Actvertising, deepblue networks, fischerAppelt, Fork Unstable Media, Freuende des Hauses, GROSSE LIEBE, JUK VON ZITZEWITZ, KLITSCHKO Ventures, Leagas Delaney, McCann Worldgroup, nmf. Advertising Agency, Pahnke Markenmacherei,   Peter Schmidt Group, Publicis Sapient, PUK, RECCON, REINSCLASSEN, Rogge & Pott Design Group, Scholz & Friends, Select World, Serviceplan, Superunion, Territory, THE BRAND ORCHESTRA, The Marmalade, Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr,   TWT Interactive, TRACK, WERBEWELT AG, YMNKY, Zum goldenen Hirschen
New contacts, old contacts, contacts that used to be contacts.
I’m thrilled to hear from all of them.

Ian-Scott Paterson
+49 171 357 48 57
Stormstraße 59
D-25336, Elmshorn

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Ian-Scott Paterson
Stormstraße 59
25336 Elmshorn

Telefon: +49 171 357 48 57
E-Mail: contact@ianscottpaterson.com

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DE46 37 89 27 052

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Ian-Scott Paterson
Stormstraße 59
25336 Elmshorn
+49 171 357 48 57   

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